Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Latest obsessions


1) So I checked out a new cafe in my town today. It's called Bohemian Friday, and they only use fair trade coffee and biodegradable cups, which for a semi-backward town is quite exciting! I would like to promote them at the moment, so if you're ever in Dunnville, which the chances are, you won't be. Try it out!

2) Inspired by Janel's 30 day journal prompts, I'm doing a picture a day for 30 days (to start). I started today, but I'm not in full swing yet, so all you're getting is my bookshelf. Mostly because I sucked out on the first day! :S And I'm quite pleased with how neat my shelves always are (I have three) and also with my History section. Previewed here is only part of the World War History, some of the Canadian, and the Historiography. Such a nerd!

3) Kellie at On the Brink of Something Beautiful posted a few getting to know you questions. They are as follows:
you name:
your blog:
your favorite summer activity:
your home state:
your favorite ice cream flavor:
one *thing* you could not live without:
your latest obession:

Here are my answers, they are not concise. Sorry.
My name: Charity Emmanuelle Blaine (Yes, Emmanuelle)
My blog: alovelylittleworld@blogspot.com
My favourite summer activities: Canoeing, creative writing (I get more inspired in the summer)
My Province: Ontario (Obviously not a State, but anyway)
My favourite ice cream: Mint Chocolate Chip
Something I couldn't live without: Probably a camera, but since that’s so typical….my Super Ted. I was afraid of thunder when I was little and dad gave me his old teddy bear and told me Ted would keep me safe. He could run between rain drops, which made the lightening and bowl the bad guys away . I still have him. He’s in bad shape! I also couldn’t live without pizza and tea.

My lastest obsession: Other than blogging, Lately, I’m obsessed with apocalyptic/superhero books and movies, even young adult, and photographs of people in love. I also have a long time obsession with Jon Cusack, although I apparently have a Conspiracy Theory like addiction to buying Christian Bale and Cillian Murphy movies. Oh, and the Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch. I pull it out almost every time I supply in a Kindergarten room, which is A LOT!

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