Monday, June 14, 2010

30 Day Journal Challenge

So as I'm sure everyone has heard, Janel at Run with Scissors, started a 30 day journal challenge. Each morning there is a prompt and we do a pretty page to go with the prompt. So I'm posting prompt 1.

I'm not in love with mine or anything, but I still really enjoyed doing it. It was therapeutic. I left little coded messages for myself to remember exactly what I'm feeling today because sometimes the codes bring back the memories better than just describing it in everyday words. And I forgot to colour the word colour as planned, oh well.

And my sweet little Mila pig wanted to check it out since I acknowledged her on the page. She's feeling sadly neglected by me lately. Although she got tons of attention from the 2.5 year old that was chillin' at my house yesterday. He opened and closed her cage at least 15 times and stuck his nose right up to her's. I tried to convince him to play with my toy guinea pig so she could relax, and he decided the toy should go in the cage with Mila so they could be friends. Mila promptly chewed the toy, haha. It was pretty cute.

I abandoned my picture a day plan. I sorta lost my inspiration. Maybe I will try again in a few weeks.

And here are two sweet deers for your viewing pleasure and my wishful owning.

This photograph is from moonflowers.

And from Lemon Tree Studio

Oh! And from my own shop!

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