Wednesday, May 12, 2010



Today has been a bit crappy honestly. Or at least it started out that way. I loved the kindergartens I taught this morning, I always love teaching kindergarten but this one little guy had such a BAD temper. He was the calendar person and had to write his name on the blackboard. He wacked his hand off a chair and I guess it must have embarrassed him because he ran to the back of the classroom and kept yelling that we were idiots and stupid. I let him have some cool off time and eventually he invited me over to see his Star Wars game. He gave me directions to his house which went something like the following:
"Go to the sidewalk and see the school with all the mud, then see where I go. Go to my house and when I say "boo!" come in and I will show you my game." Say boo? haha. Exactly why I like teaching kindergarten. It really makes sense. Anyway, the rest of the time was better, but I'm in a bit of a mood. I stopped to get a Mars bar on the way home. That and a cup of tea and some left over marshmallow salad fixed me up a bit.

Also, I'm trying to remember that positive thinking is the better way to go. Focus on the good things, even the good things. There is so much to be grateful for... for example, my business cards came in the mail! They were free from MOO as a promotion through etsy. I love them. They are very cute. I did a good job picking format and they did a great job printing. What a team! I also got a call because someone gave my name to a local newspaper as someone who might be interested writing in History articles. I haven't called back yet. I hate the phone. I sound stupid and like a 10 year old.

Scripture of the day: A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. Proverbs 15:1

Song of the day: Tears in Heaven Eric Clapton

Beyond the door
There's peace I'm sure.
And I know there'll be no more...
Tears in heaven

Etsy find of the day: A toaster and pop tart
I was never addicted to pop tarts until I watched Gilmore Girls when I was at Teacher's College. It's my favourite memory of that year. My cousin and I had basically one channel and a sketchy apartment so once a week we watched Gilmore Girls and Top Model and I would crave coffee and pop tarts. Thanks a lot Gilmore Girls :D (but you did make that year more bareable!)

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