Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stars (the indie rockers) and Still Tree Jewellery

I worked a full day today and didn't leave myself time to post. I'm trying to think back to anything funny that happened but mostly I'm just too tired. I really need new shoes, I don't have anything work appropriate left. I use to wear my converse sneaker rip offs, but then I used them to cut grass and really they aren't teacher shoes anyway (or librarian shoes). So I wore worn down Le Chateau heels that are half a size too big and it wasn't the best choice in the world. Once I bought a size 7 shoe and a size 8 shoe at the same time. I didn't even realize it except that I loved them so much that I went to buy another pair about a year later. The girl asked me what size I was and when I checked, I realized they were different sizes! She was NOT impressed because I'd messed up their shoe system clearly. Anyway, it seems my feet prove that everyone has one foot that is slightly larger than the other :D haha. I have kindergarten tomorrow and my wedding photography course Saturday and a visiting missionary at our Church this weekend, so it should be a fun, busy weekend (my favourite kind, although tiring).

Scripture of the day: Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called sons (or daughters) of God Matthew 5:9

Song of the day: My Favourite Book - Stars

One of my fav songs of all time:

"I was always late, you never afraid, that we could be falling
All our friends would say, maybe we should wait, but they can't see what's coming
And to this day, when everything breaks, you are the anchor that holds me

And that is why we'll always make it

How I know your face, all the ways you move, you come in, I can read you
You're my favourite book
All the things you say, the way you shift your eyes
I never knew there was someone, to make me come alive

When the days are long, and the thunder with the storm, can always get me crying
You can make my bed, I'll fall into it, shattered but not lonely
Because I never knew a home, until I found your hands, when I'm weathered
You come to me, you're my best friend

And that is why we'll always make it"

Etsy find of the day: This shop is amazing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything in it! I wish I owned it (the shop)... I found it trying to make a boho punk wedding treasury on etsy. I spent forever making my treasury perfect and then the computer funked out. Anyway, I featured this shop! Still Tree Jewellery I heart you!

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