Sunday, May 30, 2010

My turn at 30 before 30

Scripture of the day: Delight thyself in the Lord; and he shall give you the desires of your heart - Psalm 37:4

1. Finish my short story collection
2. Re-learn basic guitar
3. Make my own tshirts (just the graphics)
4. Re-learn to sew with a sewing machine
5. Lose 8 to 10 pounds (Daily exercise would help!)
6. Have my own business (not necessarily full-time, maybe even my own photo studio/store with Sarah!)
7. Finish the Lord of the Rings and the Carl Sagan book from Scott, and more of the books on my shelf (before I buy more), there will not be the only books I read.
8. Start a charity
9. Write articles on local history (also see #26)
10. Kayak (finally)
11. Go to a country over an ocean
12. Go to a Renaissance Fair
13. See one of my fav bands live
14. Collect 3 robots and 3 miniature chairs (and maybe some woodland love items from my etsy treasury)
15. See a Shakespeare play
16. Save $2000 at least
17. Restore my dollhouse
18. Sell (and sort) that stamp collection
19. Pray with four friends/relatives
20. Start an intercession group at the Church
21. Do something good for my community (Beautification project?)
23. One act of love per day
24. Make a polymer clay sculpture (a pretty big one)
25. Finish my photography certificate
26. (Easier ones to follow to boost morale) - Finish my dream story. Send to a publisher, whether or not it is published.
27. Send Inuit article to the Hamilton Spectator revised version
30. These three are just for you. It's nothing secret or hot. I just haven't written them yet. But I know who they belong to :D xo
Other things I need to do. Make my website, update my etsy shops, send more regular correspondence to people I care about, make cufflinks, not be afraid, get a real job!

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