Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fireworks for Victoria Day resemble alien life form

I love the second and fourth images because they make me think of the aliens in Stephanie Myer's The Host. I think the Host is superior to the Twilight novels. Anyway, these images sorta represent how I pictured the aliens. Weird? maybe.

I love Victoria Day. We always have a big picnic and play soccer and volleyball. We eat too much junk food, watch fireworks, sometimes have a bonfire and just enjoy life. This year, we had a soccer accident though :( not good, which has probably ended our soccer playing days, primarily because we have no ability to not play rough and the more "mature" people at the gathering are always warning us someone will get hurt, but we never listen.... oops, I guess we should have. One year I ended up with a swollen eye, the next a limp for six weeks. The funny part is, it's always the smallest people doing the damage! (for example the petite thirteen year old girls).

Today I finished the necklace sample I was making with pretty yellow beads, finished the earrings I was making with blue drop beads and black seeds (I will post pics of these tomorrow), I took my wedding course photos in to be printed and helped my cousin pick out a stellar camera (Nikon D90, I'm soooooo jealous but excited for her), I mailed in my resume for a Teaching Assistant position in Canadian Studies, and still managed to vacuum and move the garbage cans to the curb! haha. I also searched for craft supplies, and wow, it sounds like I didn't accomplish much today, but it's all stuff I've been stalling on or stressing over. Woo hoo! I'm in a great mood. (I'm also watching Live Free Die Hard. I love it, maybe because I still love Bruce Willis and Justin Long, such a guy movie, but still so great).

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