Monday, May 10, 2010

5:57pm Lovely little cherries


I absolutely loooooove these earrings. They are so simple, cute and vibrant.

Growing up, my dad told us kids that it was Blaine tradition to always find a cherry pit when you were eating cherry pie. He loved cherry pie. We had it quite a lot. Around the age of 12, it started - I regularly found a cherry pit when I was eating cherry pie. Once, my little brother cried and cried after I found the pit. We asked him why and he angrily exclaimed, "I wanted to find the pit!"

I made an etsy treasury of robots and maritians today. I love little polymer clay robots. I've decided to start collecting them, I love them so much! I wanted to collect miniature chairs, and I still do.... but robots are winning their way into my heart. Here's the treasury link for "Hearting robots and martians".

I was inspired by the artists at boltsandbots. I follow their blog, if you're interested in learning more about the super cute bots
And finally, my mini martians!

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