Monday, June 30, 2014

Simple Life Things and a Tech Free Summer

So about a week ago, I suddenly decided that as of July 1st, I'll go internet free until September. I'm going to spend the summer creating things, collecting up memories, working on a budget, organizing non-profit projects, and doing all the things that so often don't get the time they deserve because I'm always researching, and getting inspired, and trying to "market", which I'm terrible at it. I think if I give myself the two months, I will hopefully have a legitimate plan for moving forward by the end of it all.
I'm a bit nervous, because unlike most people, who seem to struggle the most emotionally in the winter, I have a really hard time with summers. I have no idea why. I usually cope by occupying my mind, and making the transition from tech filled days to whatever my mind imagines, is a wee bit daunting.
That being said, I'm excited.
And it's not like I'm stopping altogether. I'm helping with a wedding, and I'll still be a photographer... so both of those things semi-require at least checking up on the status of things... but basically, it's break time.
I'm so fortunate I'm one of those personality types that inherently loves the small things in life!
Petals covering the ground, furry rabbits, laughter, sunlight, the smell of mock oranges... it all adds up to a pretty great world.

DIY: Fabric Scrap Journal

All you need that you probably don't have laying around the house, are the rings for the binding.
Cut the faces off an old cereal box.
For the inside of the journal cover, use a piece of paper of card stock. Cut it to the size you want. I folded an 8.5 x 11 piece of card stock in half. Make sure the cereal box is trimmed down to this size as well.
Glue the card stock to the printed side of the cereal box. 
Find 2 pieces of scrap fabric that are approximately 2 inches larger on each size than your cover. I had some old cross-stitch fabric with a weave finer than I normally use. I put the fabric flush on the binding side, and the folded the extra fabric inward (inside the cover) and tacked it down with glue. I did the top and bottom first.
In order for the third size to sit nicely, before I folded it in, I cut the corner on a diagonal, so that I didn't have to fold the extra material in, and have an awkward lump. 
I decorated the cover with some other scraps.
Then with a hole punch, I made two holes in the cover. After the back cover was also covered in fabric, I lined it up underneath the top cover, and made made pen marks through the hole punch, so they two covers would line up properly. Then I hole punched the back cover (and any pages I have finished already).
These are the rings I selected. I went mid sized, so that I can add lots of pages to the journal through the course of the summer (or year). These were $.25 a piece I think.
I probably should have removed the hot glue strings before posting these photos. Also, I didn't use hot glue for the most of the project. Just adding on the scraps for the front. I got bored waiting for the other glue to dry.
I also glued a few other finished cross-stitch pieces that I had laying around in a box. 
This isn't really an Art journal per say. I wanted to do another Art journal project this summer, but I found a list of prompts that I enjoy writing about instead, so I've sort of combined the two. I like that I can add pages, made of whatever I choose, rather than only using the thin pages of normal journals, where the ink inevitability bleeds through and ruins the next page.

 I realize it's not the best looking journal ever, but I figure, you can make it your own.
Happy Monday friends!